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Problems arising from chilled and heating water systems are solved with the use of an air and dirt separators.

More information on air and dirt separator

Air and dirt reduce the efficiency of this system. When there is surplus air in a system, much noise is produced. This, in turn, leads to dirt formation. On the other hand, blockages, system failure and drops in pressure are a result of dirt accumulation in the system. Every heating or cooling system needs an air and dirt management system for efficiency.

How would a pub use an air and dirt separator?

This system offers protection for boilers and pumps from damage caused by deposits of filth. It happens since they are both expelled from the system hence improving the yield. In a case where distillation is required, the outcome would be excellent since there would be no unwanted particles.

How can air and dirt separator be used?

This machine removes both air bubbles and filth in one unit. It has an enlarged chamber that allows solid particles heavier than water to settle at the bottom. Afterwards, they are drained off via a valve, and the system remains clear. The system provides the solution to the issue of contaminants finding their way into the heating and cooling sectors.

What are the benefits of using an air and dirt separator?

- It saves on time, and costs since this device dispense both dust and air bubbles at ago,
- It reduces Corrosion and overheating of water pipes
- There is a reduction of noise produced due to the existence of surplus air in the system
- The efficiency of the system will increase.
- Reduction of maintenance costs due to less internal corrosion

How does an air and dirt separator work?

There are large bubbles of air that get trapped in the system during the installation process. Moreover, dissolved air that enters the system from the water. Less complex machines can remove the large bubbles while the dissolved air requires an air and dirt separator. A stainless-steel diffuser in the outer chamber provides the surface where the small bubbles merge and form large bubbles. In turn, they then float to the surface where they are dispensed

The system's chamber is also designed in a manner that the heavier particles rest at the bottom. After they have settled at the bottom undisturbed, they are drained manually through a valve that can be shut off.


This system has provided a solution to issues arising from the separation of filth and air. The efficiency of the process has been enhanced therefore making it more reliable. When there is excess air in the system, it can cause oxidation leading to the build-up of contaminated particles. When good air and dirt separator support a good water treatment, the boiler plant and the piping system will be safeguarded from system faults. This will, in turn, save you on maintenance costs. Also, noise reduction is a major advantage. This system is majorly used in building industries where heating and cooling of water systems are involved.